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(Dec 22, 2018)
We played today.
(Dec 15, 2018)
Superior, they have survived a day after the fair
(Dec 13, 2018)
A day after the fair, jump quickly!
(Dec 12, 2018)
The ratio is prosperous, very good.
(Dec 07, 2018)
He who eats romaine lettuce gets e coli
(Nov 24, 2018)
You’re under the false assumption that I still use salad dressing
(Nov 24, 2018)
Ummm... Thats not salad dressing...
(Nov 14, 2018)
Really? Right in front of my salad?
(Nov 13, 2018)
Friend you are crazy
(Oct 29, 2018)
I think I took over this site. Conquered. It’s mine now.
(Sep 19, 2018)
*poof* *magical fairy magic*
(Jul 19, 2018)
oof sorry
(Jul 18, 2018)
(Jul 18, 2018)
He liveth
(Jul 18, 2018)
what niner said
(Jul 18, 2018)
(Jul 17, 2018)
So like… can I be put in the run for MVM of July?
(Jul 16, 2018)
GARUDA! I MISS YOU. CAN I HAVE THE NUMBER, expiration date, and security code of your credit card so we can uhhh catch up and stay in contact?