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History and More
The Air Force (abbreviated AF) is a gaming clan that was founded by two cousins (Niner & Slicer) on October 25th, 2009. The clan remained anonymous for a long period of time, as the two didn't stay active in the clan. The Air Force received five members in 2010, though many were never seen again after their recruitment. One loyal member, 117, remained, but eventually even he disappeared. The two cousins decided to rename the clan {Mando} hoping for a fresh start, but they got the same result.

Later, Niner & Slicer merged clans with each other after Slicer broke off and became -the400-* (hence Niner's Xfire username "the400ldr"). A feud had come up between the two cousins, and Slicer decided to break off and create his own clan, and the merge followed shortly after, when things had cooled down. Finally, after months of arguing, they announced the clan dead on February 26, 2011. Slicer decided to start up the clan again on August 7th, 2011, and the Air Force was reborn. The clan made a successful comeback and received nearly 30 members that year.

In 2012, the clan was very inactive as Niner & Slicer were busy with school work. The two decided that they would start recruiting again in the summer when they had more time and when more players were online anyway. In the meantime, they just maintained the site and lived their normal lives. The clan fell into decay and mass disarray when two members of =(FGR)= rebelled against their clan. After Niner refused to ally with the "Fake =(FGR)=", the front was brought to -=AF=-'s website. Tensions reached their limit when a Niner imposter declared the clan dead. Even though Niner thought the whole feud frivolous and silly, other allies and members took it very seriously. Half the members left the clan, including a leader. -=AF=- remained very inactive for most of the beginning of the next year, but by April Niner's spirits were back and he resumed his gaming career once again. Summer came that year and members were coming and going. -=AF=- was growing increasingly well-known by large clans such as DarkSith and FGR. -=AF=- fell into inactivity once again as soon as the school year started, and Niner & Slicer began to focus on their studies.

The clan remained inactive going into 2013. Niner & Slicer were both working on their music interests, leaving limited time for their old and beloved clan. The two revived the inactive clan once summer came, and Niner & Slicer were both online more often. Slicer resigned after nearly four years of running -=AF=- alongside Niner in June. This left -=AF=- with four five (apparently Niner can't count ~ Garuda) active members: leaders NobleSheep and Niner, coleaders Garuda and Mostimpresive, and member S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The clan decided it was time for a change, and decided to change their site to a more user-friendly domain. With the help of Garuda, the clan moved from Webs to Shivtr. It was at this time that NobleSheep, Niner, and Niner's brother JeffreyMan57 began playing Minecraft together. The clan was back on its feet, and things were running smoothly, until December came around, when NobleSheep caused an uproar.

NobleSheep had decided to quit -=AF=- without much civility or peace. While his intentions for doing so are still unknown, it seems most of his ire was directed toward Niner. As a trusted member and leader, this action was a shock. Slicer, after a plea from Niner, returned to the fold and started becoming more active after a year of hiatus, which prompted lashing by NobleSheep. Niner quickly responded by erasing this abuse from the site and instituting a several-month block on NobleSheep so as not to go down a path like =(FGR)= followed. Soon Adraius joined the fold, a fellow gamer on Supreme Commander with Niner. After things calmed down, Niner began collaborating with former member Sonic on many multimedia projects, and a new member named Terrence provided new details on missing member 117. The successful production of a promotional video breathed new life into -=AF=-.

In 2014, Niner brought new blood to the clan, in the form of fireballgazer. Rumors began to spread and were soon confirmed that GameSpy's servers would be shut down, cutting off matchmaking and server list functions for many games, including -=AF=-'s alma mater of Star Wars Battlefront II. As a growing presence in the Star Wars Shivtr community, -=AF=- did not benefit from this. Many newly-allied clans died out within weeks of the shutdown. In wake of this disaster, an old Minecraft accomplice of Niner reached out for an alliance with his clan. -=AF=- accepted and became acquainted with Deadpool, a member of this clan. Deadpool quickly joined the fold and promoted the saturation of dank memes and lenny faces on the site alongside fireballgazer.

9/21/2014: Niner broke the site while trying to send 200 lenny faces in a message lolol.

By 2015, -=AF=- planned to return activity and even get some new recruits in. Mostimpresive continued to gather as much knowledge he could about technology that may help the clan, including game and web servers and development of extra game content and website design, hoping to extend this knowledge into action as his time frees up. Niner and Slicer both planned to devote more time to the clan during the summer, and wished to fully demonstrate their leadership as founders. Garuda, while fairly active already, checked in occasionally and showed the entire clan his elevated sarcasm skills. But as 2015 dragged on, it was apparent that the clan had fallen to cheap trolling tricks and inactivity. By the end of the year, neither Niner and Slicer had the drive or time to continue leading the clan. With agreement from Mostimpresive, Niner announced that the clan would retire effective of 2016. So ended the era of -=AF=-, somewhat quietly and with some sparse confetti here and there.

* -the400- was the name of Slicer's clan that he created after leaving AF. He never recruited any members. When Niner & Slicer merged, {Mando} took the name -the400-.

History of Niner -- The Founder

Current name(s): -=AF=-Ldr.Niner (in some cases without the wings), ChesterKiwi

Current rank(s): Leader (AF), 2LDR (TKB), 2LT (RE)

Previous rank(s): Leader (AF), Manda'lor (Mando), Leader (the400), PVT (TKB)

Previous clan(s): {Cyborg}, {AF}, {Mando}, -the400-, {Coke}, {๑Ðãrk§ìᵺ๑}

Current clan(s): -=AF=-, -TKB-, {RE}

Clan affiliations: -=AF=-, -TKB-, {Coke}, {RE}

Games Played: Star Wars Battlefront series, Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars: Empire at War series, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Team Fortress 2, Pokémon Online, Aion, Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, PokeMMO

History of Slicer -- The Co-Founder

Previous name(s): Metal_Heart137, {Cyborg}Metal, {Cyborg}Xana, [Xana]Virus, Ben Slicer, {AF}CoLdr.Slicer, {Mando}-SC-Metal, {Mando}-SC-Slicer, -the400-(Lea)-LEGENDE, -the400-(Ldr)-Ghost, Jett Lagg, Toolbox, Hunter, Number 14, -=AF=-Ldr.Metal, ~(SC)~Gen.Slicer, Luft-Gangster, -]ṜΞ[-Ṥḹìḉḝṝ-»€₱₮«-, (TKB)Slicer(GEN), -=AF=-Ldr.Slicer,

Current name(s): Metal, Ben Slicer, Kid Draco, cyborgmetal

Previous rank(s): Agent (Cyborg), Captain (Elite), Co-Leader (Air Force), Supreme Commander (Mando), Leader (the400), 2 (Most Wanted), General (Senate Commandos), Captain (Republic Elites), General (The Killer Brothers), Leader (The Air Force)

Current rank(s): Leader (The Air Force), General (The Killer Brothers)

Previous clan(s): {Cyborg}, {Elite}, {AF}, {Mando}, -the400-, Most Wanted, ~(SC)~

Current clan(s): -=AF=- Air Force, (TKB) The Killer Brothers

Clan affiliations: {Scrin}, {Cyborg}, {Death}, -RLcT-, -FBI-, WUSI, {Elite}, -=AF=-, ~(SC)~, (TKB)

Games played: Star Wars: Battlefront (2004), Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005), Star Wars: Republic Commando, Star Wars: Empire at War, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Half-Life, Portal, Portal 2, Sid Meier's Civilization V

History: Slicer began his multiplayer experience in the summer of 2007 when he joined a server on the original Star Wars Battlefront where he met Psych, the leader of the {Cyborg} clan. Slicer, known as "Metal" at the time, quickly befriended him and protected Psych on the server from another player named Sky Lord that was hunting him from a Geonosian fighter. Psych noted Metal's dedication and skills and recruited him to his clan where he was given the rank of Agent, the highest initial rank ever given to a new member (just below Co-Leader). Metal learned from his new {Cyborg} friends and participated in casual events, but never a war (one war was scheduled but cancelled). Along the way, Metal befriended {Death}Lea.Wild, who later went on to become a prominent and legendary member of WUSI. Wild took Metal under his wing and taught him everything he needed to know, making Metal an efficient and smart player. Later on in {Cyborg}, Psych became temporarily inactive due to IRL business, and non-members began speculating in the guestbook that {Cyborg} was dead or dying. Because of this, many members left or became inactive or even joined other clans (including the other {Cyborg} leaders). When Psych returned he was furious and told everyone in the guestbook that {Cyborg} in fact was not dead. Metal then vowed to Psych that he would stick with {Cyborg} till the end, but even he was tricked when a member of another clan told him that {Cyborg} was dead. Metal left and went solo, much to Psych's disdain. Psych privately messaged Metal and berated him for breaking his vow and abandoning the clan after swearing loyalty. The friendship was over, and Metal was banished from {Cyborg} and its successors. Metal became {Xana}Virus with the intention to destroy the clans that had ended {Cyborg}. This plan never came to fruition as he moved to Star Wars Battlefront 2, where his cousin Niner joined him. Missing his old glory days of being in a clan (even if it was for a short while), Metal (who had now become Slicer) joined his cousin Niner in the creation of their own clan, The Air Force, and became {AF}CoLdr.Slicer. Advancing to Leader alongside Niner within the clan's first year, Slicer was an instrumental recruiter in -=AF=-'s early days, bringing in a good number of members in 2011. With high school and music interests taking a priority in Slicer's life, he became less and less active as the years went on, becoming more of a figurehead that would occasionally help out when most needed. Slicer retired in 2015, a year before -=AF=- officially came to an end.

Former Members

The following people are no longer with our clan and have been officially retired from the roster. Those former members in red are ones who have helped to develop the clan into what it is today, helping lay down the foundation for it. We salute you 117, Silent, BRYCE, and NobleSheep for your service, and Sonic for your continued service to the clan.


*The list above shows when the member retired since the creation of the clan from top to bottom.

MVM's (Most Valuable Member's)

MVM is an annual award that is awarded to the member that received the most MotM's(Member of the Month) that year. The MVM usually contributed and pushed the clan towards what it is today.

Table of all The Air Force's Most Valuable Members:

2009: {AF}CoLdr.Slicer

2010: {AF}Elt.117

2011: -=AF=-Ldr.Bull (Bullrancor)

2012: -=AF=-Ldr.Duemos (mostimpresive)

2013: -=AF=-Ldr.NobleSheep

2014: -=AF=-Ldr.Garuda

2015: -=AF=-fireballgazer

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2009 - Originally there was no MVM for the year 2009, (the clan only ran for three months that year) but Slicer was retroactively awarded MVM by Niner for 2009, making Slicer the first MVM technically.

2010 - 117 was the obvious choice for 2010, as he was and still is arguably the most mystical and acclaimed member that has joined. Niner continues to search for 117 in some of his free time.

2011 - In 2011, there were several great members who could have won, but between the finalists Alex and Bullrancor, Bull won the MVM for 2011. Bull is one of the many members that have retired but continues to help the clan, and maintains a good friendship with the leaders.

2012 - 2012 was a very inactive year, but Mostimpresive (known as Duemos for most of the year in the clan) earned the MVM. Mostimpresive now serves as a leader in the clan 4 years later, a testament to his loyalty.

2013 - As one of the pioneers of the rebooted -=AF=-, NobleSheep was the most active member of the clan and one of Niner & Slicer's closest friends in it. NobleSheep quit the clan just before the MVM was decided, but it was still awarded due to his contributions.

2014 - Garuda's long-deserved MVM title was bestowed upon him for 2014. As another one of the clan's longest-standing members, Garuda's contributions helped form the clan into something of substance, most notably in the transition from the outdated and less-effective Webs to the gaming-geared and up-to-date Shivtr. And his sarcastic wit always makes for a chuckle.

2015 - Literally no one else in the clan was able to match the amount of activity fireball had on the site. It made people wonder just how much free time he had...


- Denotes MVM's that are officially retired and no longer active


War #1 -=AF=- VS -DEAD- (FUNWAR) [Garuda was the only one who knew what he was doing. The sad thing is I'm not actually joking about that...]