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The Air Force Clan Website
- As of January 1, 2016, the Air Force clan is retired. This site will remain for as long as Shivtr will allow it on their servers for posterity. Cheers to the good times, all who have come, gone, and encountered us.

~ Niner

Hello and welcome to the official site of the (retired) Air Force clan. The Air Force clan was originally a Star Wars: Battlefront II version 1.1 clan, though during the latter years AF expanded to other games. -=AF=- was created by Niner and Slicer in October of 2009 as {AF}, changed to {Mando} and -the400- in 2010, and reverted back to -=AF=- in 2011. We excel in space combat and flying vehicles and vessels, hence the name "Air Force." -=AF=- was retired in the sixth year of the clan's existence, and so it follows that -=AF=- was an experienced clan that saw its share of success and failure. Now this is just a hub of sporadic trollery.

Our clan is called the Air Force, but we are not barbaric. We are civilized gentlemen that fly through the galaxy on unicorns that breathe fire. When one speaks our name, they die. When someone thinks our name, they die. When someone does neither, they die. Our one goal is to first obtain a goal. We are the Air Force.

Founders: -=AF=-Ldr.Niner, -=AF=-Ldr.Slicer
Honorary Founders: Mostimpresive, Garuda
Other Final Members at Retiring Date: Deadpool, fireballgazer